about sam

I Wander + WRITE. this is my story. s t e p in.

Wanderings + writings to heal life's wounds

+ find your wild truth once more.

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I love when my feet kiss the earth.

that when I take a pen the ink flows easily.

in that moment, my pain eases + I remember me.

I love to wander, write + most of all - 

 I love that I found a way to live my wild truth



sam geddes

Writer. Storyteller. Alchemist.

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Hi, I'm Sam. A writer, storyteller + alchemist.

Way back when and well before that too, I was born a creative, cheeky and caring child.

I was as free as a bird, exploring nature and everything that filled me with joy - I was so happy.

Then as I started school (most definitely went terribly wrong at high school) I took one of those wrong but obviously 'right' turns and slowly the creative, cheeky and caring child become incredibly lost, frustrated and lonely.

I had no outlet for my creativity, not much cheeky chapping going on and caring about myself, or anyone, really hurt.

Wandering came first. I'd forgotten the sound of the birds singing and how getting lost in the trees could fill your soul with such warmth and knowing, and then the words could not help but spill out, flow and become so much more than writing to myself.

Wandering + Ink...pretty much saved my life, well most certainly helped me re find my soul (+ cheeky spirit!).

Since making these a daily part of my life my heart has indeed found its rhythm and life a new way of being. 

That is part of why I'm here, writing about me and the steps I'm taking to find and live my wild truth. I'm allowing it to unfold organically, because a creative needs that in her life.

I'm hoping though that you find something to read or do among the words that inspires you to take a leap with your life or rekindle a part of you that makes you happy and feel alive - do let me know!

Oh and you must try...to walk barefoot and dip your toes in the water along the way!

Currently I am dreaming up what kind of book I would love to write when sitting in my beach hut by the sea - all whilst loving being a Mum to four, hanging out with my hubby and passionate founding editor of Catching Life Magazine.

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I am most at home when my bare feet are

immersed in the ripples of the sea. 

and when.

I am wandering in the woods.

lost enough to remember, I am wild.

yet, found enough to know, my deepest truth.

these, amongst other very important people (+ things),

are my wild truths.



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